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How well your team communicates can make or break your company’s image. Communication directly influences how customer view your organization and impacts performance and profitability.

Business Training Resource specializes in helping organizations improve communication skills, reducing conflict and clarifying goals — critical skills for company growth.

Business Communication Courses

There are people that communicate with confidence, clarity and style and some that struggle with even the thought of speaking in front of a group.

What is the difference that makes a difference between these two different attitudes?
Excellent communicators were not born that way; they follow a step by step process to ensure that they make an impact.

This program is designed to share the processes, strategies and techniques of excellent communicators for a variety of communicating, facilitating and presenting situations.

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Einstein is quoted as saying, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Life is full of problems and many organizations pay a high premium for individuals who are able to move from a problem state to a solution state.

Problem solving requires creativity, intuition and imagination. It also requires careful analysis, diagnosis, and step by step action planning.

This program is designed to enable participants to apply concepts and techniques that result in an integrated approach to problem solving.

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The push to be the best we can be is inherently human. In our personal and professional lives, we seek excellence in our varied roles and important relationships.

This push to “be the best” sometimes causes us to question our effectiveness and the rewards we are anticipating.

In this program participants learn techniques and concepts to become more effective in different areas of their lives.

Although the program focuses on individual assessment, group problem solving approaches are an essential part of the program.

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If an employee is regularly facing customer then the toughest part or their job is dealing with and resolving customer problems.

Whether it’s angry clients or conflicts resulting from differing expectations, customer interactions can be complex and filled with emotion. Solutions are not always found by apologizing and being polite.

In this course, participants will gain skills and tools for resolving situations and managing emotions (both the customer’s and yours).

Participants will also work through tough situations with the help of exercises and skill practice.

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Like fingerprints, everyone has a unique set of personality “patterns” that drive what they do. How a person motivates themselves, communicates and interacts with other people is driven by unconscious processes.

Knowing a person’s patterns allows Managers, Coaches and HR professionals to predict and influence what motivates a person, their work attitudes, how they prefer to communicate and act at work.

Using Personality Patterns allows managers and organizations to take individual preferences into account and to value each person for his or her strengths.

This workshop is designed as an introduction to basic Personality Patterns and serves as the foundation to more extensive training.

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Emotional intelligence, also called EQ, is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success.

IQ will get you in the door, but it is your EQ, your ability to connect with others and manage your emotions that will determine how successful you are in life.

When we look at truly extraordinary people who inspire and make a difference you will see that they have effective emotions for current situations and connect with people at a personal and emotional level.

What is different about them is not their IQ but their EQ – their emotional intelligence. This one-day workshop will help you develop your emotional intelligence. This workshop also includes applications for helping professionals when dealing with emotions caused by trauma.

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We all have exactly the same amount of time every day, 86,400 seconds, 1,440 minutes, 24 hours…no more, no less.

Many people will confess that they don’t make good use of their time, falling victim to distraction, confusion and overwhelm. Although some people do get more done in less time with less stress!

How do they do it? The answer is simple. These people use a system to manage their commitments within their available time. In fact, we can all achieve more with less stress if we adopt these same practices to get things done.

This training demonstrates a system for project and task management, personal organization and effective habit formation.

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