Leadership Development

Leadership skills are crucial for managers looking to create a culture of collaboration, trust, and respect.

Leadership training focuses on developing a range of communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills for managers seeking advancement.

This includes key leadership concepts, such as strategic planning, project management, and team building.

If you are looking to improve your team’s leadership skills, contact me for a consultation. BTR will work with you to develop a plan and custom-tailor training to meet your individual needs.

Leadership Development Courses

Although projects are temporary in nature, they do have a beginning and end. Since this is what differentiates projects from the day to day work of a business, special skills are needed to manage the different elements of the project.

With defined projects and cross functional teams becoming an increasingly important part of the modern organization, proactive management of each phase of a project is critical to success in the workplace.

This program is designed to enable participants to identify the issues and opportunities within the stages of project management, understand how to use suitable tools in managing a project, and learn and practice techniques required to manage projects successfully.

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Process improvement calls for rethinking and redesigning a business function to achieve improvements. Frequently, teams set out with the best intentions only to have their design plans run into a wall of corporate resistance. How can a team avoid this from happening?

Three important factors lead to process improvement successes: (1) adequate tools, (2) “buy-in” from affected groups, and (3) a simple, visual way to present findings and recommendations.

This session will address each of these factors and provide exercises to build skill for each of these important elements.

This program is ideal for new or ongoing teams committed to designing more effective and efficient business processes. Representatives of those teams could attend this training program and bring back the skills they learn to their teams.

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Many Organizations find that a higher level of expertise may be required of their employees, both new hires and established employees.

One solution is to establish an ongoing mentoring program. In this type of program, mentors and protégés are matched so that the protégé can acquire the higher-level skills needed to achieve higher expectations.

In this program, mentors and protégés are introduced to a model that describes four important phases in the mentoring process:

1. Creation and selection
2. Assessment and orientation
3. Individual Development Plan
4. Certification and follow-up

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Planning is a basic and ever-present activity. Managers engage in detailed planning for their projects, marketing managers design extensive sales campaigns, Sales Managers map out selling strategies.

In each case, the parties involved have define a specific objective. The planning needed to achieve the objective requires allocating needed resources.

In this program, participants learn an eight-step strategic planning process that can be used by individuals or groups to achieve specific objectives.

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The fact is that the business community IS concerned with ethical behavior.

Yet, how do businesspeople resolve issues involving questionable ethics? Unfortunately, there is no “one right answer” in dealing with questions of ethics.

Rather, a “best” answer emerges based on the results of inquiries that engage individuals seeking to apply a problem-solving model to the tough questions with which they are faced.

A major goal of this workshop is to give participants a sense of appreciation for the complex, sets of issues that are the fabric of business and the choices involved in balancing personal, corporate, and societal goals.

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