Customer Service

Customer Service:

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

Course Description:

With intense daily competition, businesses must focus on service and product quality. Failure to heed the call for quality products, services, and relationships will damage the organization’s reputation, productivity, and profits.

Organizations interested in improving growth and longevity are investing in the fundamentals of customer service, giving customers what they want when they want it, and exceeding their expectations.

This program is designed for organizations ready to commit to or renew their focus on customer service excellence.

The program will focus on building appreciation for customer service, becoming aware of the behaviors that attract and repel customers, and planning effective customer service strategies.


  • Examine poor and positive customer service practices
  • Assess the organization’s “customer-service” climate
  • Learn and practice effective customer service behaviors
  • Develop personal and organizational customer service improvement plans


  • Employees create measurably better impressions on customers
  • Builds a customer-focused culture that develops relationships to increase satisfaction and loyalty
  • Provides a framework and strategies for consistent, exceptional service
  • Employees learn to manage challenging situations in a professional manner

Course Hours:

8 hours (one day format)

BTR Perks

We have a number of additional included benefits that participants have access to, making the BTR experience different from others.

Pre-training video

We include a pre-recorded video with the Training Agenda to introduce the upcoming training session.

The videos offer a concise overview of the topics to be covered, which helps to create interest in the training and improve attendance.

With the introductory video, you can be sure that your audience is well-informed and excited to attend your training sessions.

Post-training Folder

The training sessions service also include access to a shared folder containing all the materials covered in the training session.

This folder includes any of the handouts, videos, and slide decks that were used during the training.

These materials help clients to retain what they have learned and to continue to develop their skills after the training is finished.

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