New Employee Training

New Employee Training:

A Structured Approach for Integration

Course Description:

Today’s workplace is a rapidly changing environment. On the one hand, complex technology has created a need for highly skilled workers. On the other hand, financial and time constraints have curtailed training programs for many companies.

As a result, on-the-job training has become the principal means by which a new employee is integrated into the workplace.

This program is designed to help managers increase their effectiveness in training new employees.

Participants will learn the tools and techniques for a systematic and active approach to training employees on the job.


  • Design a framework for training new employees on the job
  • Examine the unique characteristics of the Adult learner
  • Develop competence in helping employees learn new skills
  • Learn to use positive reinforcement to strengthen new skills
  • Identify ways to ensure transfer of training to the actual job situation


  • New hires get “up to speed” sooner and more productive faster
  • Managers develop skill “one-to-one” training and development skills preparing them for leadership roles
  • Job roles and tasks are clearly defined and communicated
  • New hires are allowed to use existing skills to learn the job quickly
  • “Need to know” knowledge and skills are identified and prioritized to avoid overwhelming the new hire
  • Managers learn a variety of approaches to provide for the different ways adults learn, which is more effective than a single approach such as “shadowing” or reading manuals

Course Hours:

8 hours (one day format)

BTR Perks

We have a number of additional included benefits that participants have access to, making the BTR experience different from others.

Pre-training video

We include a pre-recorded video with the Training Agenda to introduce the upcoming training session.

The videos offer a concise overview of the topics to be covered, which helps to create interest in the training and improve attendance.

With the introductory video, you can be sure that your audience is well-informed and excited to attend your training sessions.

Post-training Folder

The training sessions service also include access to a shared folder containing all the materials covered in the training session.

This folder includes any of the handouts, videos, and slide decks that were used during the training.

These materials help clients to retain what they have learned and to continue to develop their skills after the training is finished.

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