Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews:

Facilitating Employee Growth

Course Description:

Performance appraisal is not an event. It is a process. Even the once a year encounter known as the “yearly performance appraisal” actually requires a number of steps.

These events happen in a predictable and sequential fashion and meet several needs; for the Employee a way to define how he or she is doing, for the Manager an opportunity to coach, and for the Organization a way to provide information for employment and compensation decisions.

This course will provide resources and skill building for three areas of performance review: preparing, conducting and following through on the appraisal.


  • Define employment law requirements
  • Gather perceptions from others on Employee performance
  • Review accomplishments and job performance criteria
  • Prepare assessment on goals, performance, and training
  • Decide priority messages and evidence of achievement
  • Deliver positive behavior-based appraisal: step by step
  • Demonstrate guidelines for recording and documenting feedback
  • Following through on agreements
  • Correct undesirable performance using PIP (Performance Improvement Plan)
  • Apply discipline without punishment
  • Review termination practices


  • Recognize performance review requirements and obligations to avoid legal pitfalls
  • Prepare accurately and effectively for Performance review responsibilities
  • Create an environment where performance evaluation is perceived as a resource by Employees
  • Developed increased skill in delivering positive review discussions
  • Gain agreement on objectives, standards, performance and development

Course Hours:

8 hours (one day format)

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