SOS Time Management

SOS Time Management:

A Personal and Work Organization System

Course Description:

We all have exactly the same amount of time every day, 86,400 seconds, 1,440 minutes, 24 hours…no more, no less.

Many people will confess that they don’t make good use of their time, falling victim to distraction, confusion and overwhelm. Although some people do get more done in less time with less stress!

How do they do it? The answer is simple. These people use a system to manage their commitments within their available time. In fact, we can all achieve more with less stress if we adopt these same practices to get things done.

This training demonstrates a system for project and task management, personal organization and effective habit formation.


  • Develop a bucket list for life vision, mission, and goals
  • Identify commitments and “sweep” them from head to system
  • Apply a proven process and organization workflow to projects and tasks
  • Employ the “Clock Model” to schedule high value tasks at optimal times
  • Recognize and obstacles to optimal productivity and apply appropriate resources
  • Plan projects effectively
  • Apply cutting edge habit development to productivity behaviors


  • Reduce the feeling of overwhelm from too many projects and commitments
  • Instill confidence in managing projects, tasks, and goal achievement
  • Release the brain to do creative work rather than worry
  • Create structure without constraints
  • Manage the details of day-to-day projects and commitments with flexibility
  • Outsource reminders into a system that you can trust
  • Prioritize in the moment so you know what to do next
  • Reduce stress to release productivity

Course Hours:

8 hours (one day format)

BTR Perks

We have a number of additional included benefits that participants have access to, making the BTR experience different from others.

Pre-training video

We include a pre-recorded video with the Training Agenda to introduce the upcoming training session.

The videos offer a concise overview of the topics to be covered, which helps to create interest in the training and improve attendance.

With the introductory video, you can be sure that your audience is well-informed and excited to attend your training sessions.

Post-training Folder

The training sessions service also include access to a shared folder containing all the materials covered in the training session.

This folder includes any of the handouts, videos, and slide decks that were used during the training.

These materials help clients to retain what they have learned and to continue to develop their skills after the training is finished.

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