Team Building

Enhancing Established Teams:

Strategies for Team Development

Course Description:

With business and industry increasing team participation to satisfy quality standards, the ability of teams to work effectively is vital to success.

For teams to develop and become productive, members must have a solid understanding of how a team works and how to interact productively.

This training program helps team members evaluate how they interact and the level of the team’s development. These are the important elements that established teams need to study before they can achieve their best productivity.

This program requires pre-workshop preparation with team members completing an iWAM profile. This profile will be used to bring awareness to the team’s communication and interaction patterns.


  • Explore their understanding about the team’s effectiveness
  • Practice observing behavioral patterns during an actual team meeting
  • Learn the phases of team development
  • Develop a plan to improve team productivity


  • Teams determine the barriers that thwart creativity
  • Teams improve organizational productivity
  • Teams identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Teams improves their ability to problem solve
  • Individual Team members gain greater commitment to the project
  • Team members improve communication among themselves and with affected parties
  • Conflict resolution is achieved faster
  • Team members gain more personal job satisfaction

Course Hours:

8 hours (one day format)

BTR Perks

We have a number of additional included benefits that participants have access to, making the BTR experience different from others.

Pre-training video

We include a pre-recorded video with the Training Agenda to introduce the upcoming training session.

The videos offer a concise overview of the topics to be covered, which helps to create interest in the training and improve attendance.

With the introductory video, you can be sure that your audience is well-informed and excited to attend your training sessions.

Post-training Folder

The training sessions service also include access to a shared folder containing all the materials covered in the training session.

This folder includes any of the handouts, videos, and slide decks that were used during the training.

These materials help clients to retain what they have learned and to continue to develop their skills after the training is finished.

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