Project Management

Project Management:

How to be in Charge from Beginning to End

Course Description:

Although projects are temporary in nature, they do have a beginning and end. Since this is what differentiates projects from the day to day work of a business, special skills are needed to manage the different elements of the project.

With defined projects and cross functional teams becoming an increasingly important part of the modern organization, proactive management of each phase of a project is critical to success in the workplace.

This program is designed to enable participants to identify the issues and opportunities within the stages of project management, understand how to use suitable tools in managing a project, and learn and practice techniques required to manage projects successfully.


  • Gain awareness of the elements of project-management
  • Identify the critical components needed for successful project management
  • Expand the repertoire of formats and scheduling methods
  • Identify critical issues associated with project-management stages
  • Understand how to use appropriate tools in managing a project
  • Practice a variety of techniques required to manage projects through each stag


  • Managers identify clients, objectives, and requirements needed to succeed
  • Project team members have a clear understanding of project goals and deliverables
  • Brainstorming and problem solving techniques become a natural part of the project execution
  • Projects are well-planned and kept under control
  • Suitable charts, graphs, and resources are used to manage schedules and costs
  • Appropriate corrective and preventive action is taken when faced with changes

Course Hours:

8 hours (one day format)

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